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Quiet Forms

January 20, 2017–February 8, 2017
Centennial Concert Hall (555 Main Street)

Suzie Smith’s site-specific installation, Quiet Forms is new work commissioned by Plug In ICA for the Centennial Concert Hall (555 Main Street) on the Piano Nobile Wall. For this project, Smith uses musical notations, which she bends, twists and folds to create meandering sculptural forms. The artist then scanned, enlarged and printed the collaged assemblages to create a unified mural that flows as a continued pattern.

Embodying strategies used by many of the musicians included in the Winnipeg New Music Festival, Smith takes on the structural elements of her material — in this case blank music notation sheets. Quiet Forms invents a new language for the musical sheets, redefining their intended function by identifying a new possibility for them as a visual field.